Hi! I'm Hien ? one of the Managing Directors at SmartShanghai.
Welcome to our "About" page.

In addition to the main website, SmartShanghai.com has a lot of other side projects and tertiary deals on the go, as part of our rabid thirst for money, power, fame, and glory.

Have a look below at the other facets of our nefarious operations and scroll right to the bottom to see who's getting rich off this cash cow.

About SmSh

SmartShanghai provides daily updated listings of events, a full scale dining & nightlife directory, editorials, newsletters, housing classified, dating online, taxiprintouts and interactive map for easy navigation in Shanghai. Our weekly newsletter Shanghai_nightlife focus on the latest insider news, reviews and gossip.

Unlike a magazine, we update constantly on a day-to-day with the click of a button - the last word on everything in Shanghai and the first with the latest informatiom - and so are the first (and often the only) media to catch the blossoming of that last-minute event (or that last-minute cancellation). We're the answer to the question that passes everyone's lips all too often "What's ON today?" We're always available - anywhere there's a net connection - well, there we are.

And at the risk of tooting our own horn, we're completely self-made. We're self-evolving and often 'off with the fairies' pondering new ideas so that we can continue to be the best we can be. As is sadly often the case though, the follow though requires a bit more sweat and arse-in-chair time. Just try and remember that everything you see on the site is created and managed by us.

More of us

Louder.cn is SmartShanghai's chinese language sister website. Louder's content is all about music and nightlife, with event listings for Shanghai and selected party pictures from SmartShanghai's photographers, DJ profiles, music downloads from local DJs, Art listings and more. Louder reachers a daily audience of 2.000 - 3.000 Chinese in the age of 25-35 with a high interest in Music, Nightlife and Art.
Visit Louder.cn »

SmartTicket is our ticket purchase and delivery service for Shanghaifs cultural and concert events. SmartTicket provides a hassle-free option for getting tickets to events with an easy-to use English language user interface amd free delivery. SmartTicket sets its ticket prices and conditions of sale in line with the wishes of the event promoter, and all our tickets have the same prices as other local competitors.
Visit SmartTicket here »

SmartConcierge is a new service aimed at hotels. SmartShanghai maintaince the biggest database of venues, activities and events in Shanghai, and for a monthly licensing fee, hotel concierges have access to this database and therefore provide their customers with accurate and up to date information on any type of activity within the city in the form of a daily guest update as well as the itinerary-planning interface.
Learn more here »

CreativeHunt.com is a service website focusing on the myriad of "creative industries" in Shanghai. Along with regularly updated feature articles and columns, and daily newswire up dates, CreativeHunt.com offers the most expansive creative agency directory in Shanghai, a jobs board, an events listings section, and more.
Visit CreativeHunt.com here »

The Team

Alexander Weng Director (*)
Hien Huynh Director, Advertising & Business Development

Editorial, Listings, Photography

Morgan Short Editor in Chief & Managing Editor SmartBeijing.com
Nick Taylor Managing Editor SmartShanghai.com
Justin Fischer Dining
Cindy Kuan Managing Editor CreativeHunt.com
? Listings Manager
Brandon McGhee Photography

Design / Production

Juli de No Art Director
John Jensen Software Architect
? iOS Developer

Administration / Accounts

? Accountant
Sales Manager
͍U Sales Manager
? Courier
??V Courier


Velvet Du Listings Manager
Josh Feola Nightlife

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Thanks to Simon Mayer / Acht Frankfurt for the basic design for the SmartShanghai logo. Thanks to Drew Tayler for designing the Louder.cn Logo

Thanks to our previous interns:
Lisa Radke, James Scaman, Georgia Graham, Neelam Nigah, Julia Hellwege, Harold Shiel, Henni Rudolph, Sooyeon Kwon, Ben Effah, Amy Brewer, Cathrien Maas, Kacey Culliney, Clare Roberts, Rick Thomas, Jodie Zhang, Laura Coughlin, Holly Graham, Cici Zhang, Myles Recny, Lenny Utama, Janice Bae, Nicolas Peden, Dominik Straka, Sasha Howard

Ashlea Mayne, Caroline Rowe, Cedric M, Christiane Slansky, Christian Stipp (Avantgarde Shanghai), Ciga Zhou, Drew Taylor, Dugald King, Erik Poepper, Gil, Jerome Hainz, Knut Brunier, Konstantin Lederer (*), Liquid Impact, Mi Shu, Mathias Doeft, Mark Elliott, Maya Poulton, Mei Ling Tsui, Patrick Lui, Rob Rekrutiak, Rodney Evans, Sebastian Scholz, Tomislav Vilusic (*), Volker Staffendt, Matsume Kai, Joshua Tintner. And special thanks to all our current and previos advertisement clients.

(*) Founding member