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Interview: Adrian Sherwood

Super art, super tart, super mind... -
Jun 19th 09 by Morgan Short

Jun 18th | Dining »

[Eat It]: And Die...

[Eat It]: And Die...

The steak & cheese that will end your life - By Christopher St Cavish

Jun 18th | Nightlife »

Interview: Joris of The Dropkicks

Interview: Joris of The Dropkicks

Kick out the jams, brothers and sisters - By Morgan Short

Jun 17th | Lifestyle »

[AskMats]: Break out the Big Guns

The meeting of the IBTC will come to order - By Matsume Kai


And also : SouthAsia's outdoor options ... golf and desolation ... .. and the return of Louder.cn

Don't Forget: Electro Grass this Saturday

Jun 19th, 09 Nightlife by Morgan Short 0

Just reminding you that the Electro Grass thing scheduled for this Saturday is still on. There's been some twitter doubt. Don't worry, bro.

Here's the event listings and here's a longer wire post about it.

Address is 7 Donghu (not 70 like on some flyers) and that’s right at the corner with Huaihai Lu.

New Pictures: Movie Stars and Such

Jun 19th, 09 Nightlife by Morgan Short 0

New Pictures are up of some sort of SIFF function at M1NT . Click here to star gaze.

I hope that someone there pulled Clive Owen aside and went "Children of Men? Good one, Clive. Liked it."

And a special wazzzup to Quincy Jones, who appears to still be two-fisting it at the banquet of life after all these years. Nobody does it like you, Q.

And the Horse You Rode in On: Best and Worst Flyer

Jun 18th, 09 Nightlife by Morgan Short 1

Couldn't wait until the end of the year to call special attention to this gem.

Hats off to the Acid Pony Boys. If a bestiality orgy doesn't get people to your parties, I don't know what will.

Jinshan Calling: Crazy Summer Beach Party

Jun 18th, 09 Community by Morgan Short 0

As you might have heard by now an outdoor music festival is taking place in Jinshan from July 17-19 (that's Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Jinshan is about an hour from Shanghai by bus on the coast. The Crazy Summer Beach Festival runs from 2pm to 2am on all three days and there's two stages of DJs and bands.

They've arranged the music on each day loosely according to genre. Day 1 is "China Rock Power", Day 2 is Electronic and Hip Hop, and Day 3 is "Original Pop Stars". On their main stage it's more established acts, and on their second stage is more "underground" acts. That's the idea anyways. Music starts at 6pm on each day.

Here's the lineup (subject to changes I would imagine):

.. read on »

Sandwiches on the Move

Jun 17th, 09 Dining by Christopher St Cavish 0

City Deli has moved. This is big news because.... Well, it's good news. City Deli makes Shanghai's best sandwiches. The crusty Turkey & Avocado is a favorite. They make real lemonade and give a whole, stubby pickle with every order. Their sandwiches are not cheap, but they are the best.

Until about a month ago, they did all of this while hidden behind a tattered couch in the attic of an abandoned lanehouse. Toasting bread, fighting off developers, stealing electricity to run the deli-slicer. Or something just as mysterious. They've been going for a couple of years, but never had a shop or an address, which was real frustrating when they turned delivery over to Sherpa's at 3pm. There was no takeout, even if there was an added allure in their BLT because of it.

Now, they've come to the surface and taken a sixth-floor spot in the Golden Eagle Plaza. That's the one just off Nanjing Lu, on Shaanxi Bei Lu, that is half-Gucci. Gucci has FIVE floors there. Sixth-floor? Roast beef. They're still working out the kinks of the new place -- there's an abbreviated menu for the next couple of weeks -- but it's already promising. They've added a banh mi with housemade pickled daikon and carrots to the menu, and gotten themselves a sandwich press for the Cuban. One of the owners is Vietnamese. I'm expecting the banh mi to be quite nice. Order a sammich this month and lemonade or iced tea is free. And they've expanded their non-Sherpa's delivery hours to Mon-Fri, 11am-8.30pm. Good news, all around. Website and menu here.

Nosaj Thing Workshop @ The Factory

Jun 17th, 09 Nightlife by Morgan Short 0

LA-based knob-twiddler Nosaj Thing will be doing an electronic music workshop this Saturday at The Factory. If you're an aspiring producer, or even if you just want to see how all that stuff works, make sure you head down.

Come with questions prepared (i.e. "Hi Nosaj. I'm using Abelton. How can I make my bass lines more sticky icky?").

There's no cover for that and it runs from 3pm until 4:30pm. Nosaj Thing performs this Friday at Yuyintang. Here's the event info for that.

Here's a remix he did of a Radiohead track. Cool cool. Rick click, "save link as…"

Nosaj Thing - Reckoner (Radiohead remix)

MusicMatters: The Longest Day.....

You didn't even know you wanted to go to this one... full day of musical acts, bouncy castle, all-you-can-drink special and more.
WTF Club - Sun, 21

Soul Scream

Soul Scream returns to The Shelter. V-Nutz and Drunk Monk guiding you through Soul music classics in a smooooooooth candle-lit environment. Boom.
The Shelter - Thu, 25

Black Ties and BEANies

Black Ties and BEANies is a charity dinner/ cocktail reception. Live jazz, dancing, and a three course menu for charity.
Mesa & Manifesto - Thu, 25

Summer Solstice Fiesta

Art Lab hosts a Summer siesta featuring flamenco guitarist Abraham Carmona, his band, and jazz vocalist Heidi Krenn
Art Lab at MoCA - Fri, 26

  • SIFF Launch at M1NT
  • DJ Ivy
    at Sin
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frangipani on Casanova on Wed 10

"Scrumptious Pasta!"

One of those Shanghai paradoxes is why Italian restaurants serve mundane dried pasta when the heavenly fresh variety should be easily doable here. You can get fresh noodles in any Shanghai market for a few mao, and presumably training staff to create Italian noodles the same way shouldn't be too difficult. Casanova does - serve fresh pasta - and it is amazing. I had their tagliatelle dish, with scallops, artichokes, mint and nice, crunchy pine nuts, and it was absolute heaven. The texture of freshly made pasta - ooh la la. Silken! My date had the ravioli (ravioli with an aprodisical stuffing of lobster and prawns) which was downright decadent. It's a very romantic restaurant, Casanova - there are three rooms, which makes it feel intimate - and a very Euro sensibility. Could be the gue [..read on]

arabella on Maya on Sat 20

"Nice fusion restaurant"

arabella on Otto on Sat 20

"excellent food, competitive price"

jameskdean on Cafe Studio on Fri 19

"Saturday Brunch "

jameskdean on Fountain on Fri 19

"They've turned it up a notch! "

picard on The Fat Olive on Thu 18

"A cool place to be"

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June 26-28


Described as a "Techno Circus", LUMA is part dance, part theatre, and part light show. This unique theatrical event will be staged for three nights only.

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June 30 - July 19

High School Musical

The Disney movie sensation High School Musical has been gloriously adapted for stage and is coming to Shanghai in all its titillating grandeur.

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Shanghai Fantasia

Shanghai Fantasia showcases some of China's most skilful aerial artists and acrobatic performers, blending traditional acrobatic arts with modern stage acts.

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[Radar]: Mr & Mrs. Bund

A new restaurant on the Bund: let them eat cake - by Morgan Short

The Fat Olive

Shanghai views and summer drinks by David Laris ... - by Oliver Greene

Who wants to
be a Bund
Dog Millionaire

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